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Sister Wendy

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Things of delight

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Longing to play I have not been able to were makeup for a while now due to my eye infection. And what with feeling great vulnerabilities at the moment and also feeling shaky, I put lip stick on today and it felt good, and what with my leopard skin eye patch things are looking up today x

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Flower and tea

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My Art of Happiness Unicorn World I have written a series of children’s books about a fabulous unicorn called ZantyFantyPantyNella. Here are the images I have done from one of my books, Magical Moments with a Mermaid. I hope you enjoy them x

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Life has been very tuff for a while now, but the simple joy of a cup of tea is worth its weight in gold x

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The loss of my lovely Dad 

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Is it ok to be beautiful 

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